10,000 Pucks World Record

  • November 17, 2012 at 12:00pm until 4:00pm

Location: Spiece Fitness 5310 Merchandise Drive, Fort Wayne

Hosted by Guy Dupuis & Eddie Long
Lamp Lighters Hockey Ministry presents

10,000 Pucks World Record

Our goal is to set a world record, through Record Setter, by taking 10,000 shots in one day, the most ever by a group of people. Come be a part of the group that sets this World Record to raise money for an innovative street hockey program.

Think you have what it takes?

Well then, set a goal of how many street hockey shots you can take on net and raise $1 for each shot you commit to taking! Then email us ( for a registration packet or use google docs link:

Wanna make it more fun?

Challenge your friends, family, or another business to take as many if not more shots (and raise more money) than you are! Shoot a fun and respectful video and tag your friends challenging them!

Can't join us or want to donate?

Go to "", Click "donate", when it asks "This donation is for a Goodcity Program (please type program name)" enter "Lamp Lighters Hockey Ministry"

What is Lamp Lighters Hockey Ministry?

Our mission is to develop fully mature disciples of Jesus Christ through hockey. We are a mobile street hockey program that utilizes an equipment share program. We will travel to several places within Fort Wayne and bring all the equipment you need to play street hockey close to your home. Don't like to skate? No problem! It's all on your shoes. Never played hockey before? No worries, we will teach you! And our program is more than just street hockey, it's about helping you reach your full potential by engaging in a holistic lifestyle.

For more information, contact: