Crusade Against Cancer

  • August 16, 2013 at 7:00pm until 12:00am

Location: JMMI Northeastern Headquarters, 20320 Superior Rd., Taylor, MI. 48180
Cost: Free Event! Call 1-877-The-Glory

An opportunity of a lifetime! There is hope and healing for you and your loved ones who are sick with cancer and disease! For decades cancer has reaped havoc to so many lives in America. Enough is enough! Come and stand up against cancer by joinging David E. Taylor August 14th-16th for the annual Naitonal Crusade Against Cancer at the JMMI Northeastern Headquarters each night at 7pm in Taylor Michigan. David Taylor, author of the best selling book FACE TO FACE APPEARANCES FROM JESUS, and founder of the internationally renowned ministry of JMMI, has laid down his life to see America healed of her cancer. Multitudes recieved their healing, encouragement, and life saving help during last years meetings, and htis year it shall happen again! Tens of thousands have already found hope, healing, and restoration from their sickness in these meetings! Precious friend, you are next! David Taylor has been sent by the Lord Jesus Christ to minister His compassionate healing and miracle saving power to the lives of you and your loved ones. Leaders from all over the world and nation are coming to pray the prayer for faith to save America from her cancer and disease! Whomever you are, and wherever you are in life, David welcomes you and wants to help you find healing and restoration for your life. Precious friend, there is an answer, there is a future, and there is ahope for you today! See you there!

JMMI Northeastern Headquarters - 20320 Superior Rd - Taylor, MI - 48180 - Call 1-877-The-Glory      - Watch each meeting Livestream at                                                           Service Schedule 7pm Wed, Thurs, & Fri at 7pm. Special teaching session on face to face appearances and intimacy with Jesus on Fri at 10am. Special teaching session on the Kingdom of God on Sat. at 10am 

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