Post-Adoptive Parents' Support Group

Location: Pathway Community Church - 11910 Shearwater Run, Northwest Fort Wayne, near Lima and Carroll Road.
Cost: No Cost

Adoptive parents, do you remember all the support and encouragement you received from family and friends while you were waiting for your adoption to go through?  The anticipation when your family book was shown to a birthmother, or on the day your dossier shipped overseas?  The shower of gifts and cards, the welcoming party at the airport?

Then remember when life settled into "normal"?  For first time adoptive parents, that version of "normal" is sometimes a shock.  It can be even for veterans!

Parenting an adopted child, whether infant or teenager or somewhere in between, can be hard.  Often, traditional parenting techniques not only don't work...sometimes they make things worse.

While we parents see them as an amazing gift and a blessing, the truth is that these kids come from difficult places.  They've been hurt.  They've been shuffled around.  They've been torn from the only mother they know. They've missed out on the safety and security that kids born "the old fashioned way" take for granted.

As adoptive parents, it's our commitment to provide them an environment where they can heal.  To help them process.  To keep them safe.

And sometimes, that's hard.

**How do you figure out which battles to fight, and where to let things slide?
**How do you prioritize connection and safety over schedule and behavior?

These things are HARD.

To help us navigate these waters together, Pathway Community Church is launching a new support group for post-adoptive parents.

Using "Created to Connect, A Christian's Guide to The Connected Child," this group will provide a safe zone for adoptive parents to:
**share our struggles and encourage each other
**learn new ways to understand your child's reactions
**support your child's healing process.

Each session, we'll offer discussion around a chapter of The Connected Child, but we'll also leave room for families to share challenges and ideas and experiences.  What worked, what didn't.  What we'd do differently if we had it to do over again...  What we do when we really don't know what to do at all...

The guide is founded on biblical truths as well as psychology and research. Adoptive parents of any faith are welcome; this is not an evangelical outreach, but one of support and safety and love.

* * *

Who should come:  Adoptive parents of any faith who need someone to talk to, and who want new tools to connect with their adopted child and create an emotionally safe environment to help them heal.

What is this:  Created to Connect Post-Adoptive Parents Support Group:  A guided study of The Connected Child by Dr. Karen Purvis conducted in a loosely structured, safe support environment for adoptive parents.

Where will we be:  Pathway Community Church - 11910 Shearwater Run, northwest Fort Wayne, near Lima and Carroll Road.  We will meet upstairs in the Studio 24 theater.

When will we be there:  7 - 8 PM (or as long as we need to be) on the second and fourth Thursday of every month, starting 22 March.

Why:  Created To Connect exists to serve and support adoptive parents in the Fort Wayne area, and provide a safe environment for them to share both struggles and triumphs and to learn new parenting strategies to connect with their children who have experienced difficult histories.


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