Salute a Soldier

  • June 1, 2013 at 9:00am until 3:00pm

Location: 528 N. Main St. Columbia City, IN 46725
Cost: Free to Attend; Fundraiser

We invite you to attend "Salute a Soldier" to honor and support those who are or who have served our country! Give us an opportunity to thank each of you for your selfless and loyal service to our families, this country and God.  "Salute a Solder" will take place June 1st from 9am-3pm at Tractor Supply in Columbia City.

Stop by and sign in at the “Salute a Soldier” Roll Call Station and to get your name tag (Name, Rank, Branch of Service).  Bring your families and stay to enjoy the various activities going on each day. There will be lots to do both days and many people to socialize with.

They are also raising funds for the many various needs of our local returning Soldiers. Through means like a car wash, bake sale, auction, and grilled dawgs and food, we hope to really make a difference! Don’t miss out on all the FUN! Hope to see you all there.

To organize a service-oriented fundraiser through which 100% of all donations  will be  used  to  directly
benefit immediate needs of wounded and in-need local soldiers.  Through a Christ-focused, and positive
atmosphere, express a desire for hope and healing for each Soldier, communicate appreciation for their
selfless sacrifice for our freedoms and take advantage of opportunities to display in word and deed our
deep gratitude. 100% of donations to: Associated Churches Military Families Ministry for disbursement.

For more information, contact: