Kitchen Support Staff Member

Kiddie Prep School is looking for a full time kitchen support staff member.

A pastoral reference is required.

POSITION SUMMARY: Kitchen Support Staff in preparing the planned snacks and meals for the students and staff of the center.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: A. High school graduate or equivalent is required. B. Requires attendance of food handling and preparation seminars. C. Good health statement from a physician is required. D. Previous experience working directly with food preparation desirable. E. Knowledge of state and federal food regulations. F. Good relational skills with parents, children and staff.

RESPONSIBILITIES: I. Food Preparation/Service

A. Is aware of and controls the serving of special diets required by children at the center.

B. Monitors and see that all food, state and federal regulations and guidelines are followed during snack and meal times.

C. Helps Head Cook prepare food according to menus/instructions as directed by the week’s menu

D. May be asked to calculate the amount of food Head Cook Needs to prepare

E. May be asked to update items used from the freezer on the inventory list to maintain accuracy of freezer contents. F. Helps serve lunch to the classrooms

G. Assists other kitchen staff in loading and reloading the cambro and lunch cart

H. Helps to prepare and load various carts with the items needed throughout the day

I. Prepares a.m. snack and cart.

J. Serves a.m. snack to the class rooms and reports snack counts to the other kitchen staff

K. Prepares and facilitates afternoon snack.

L. Assist kitchen staff in clean up after lunch is served.

M. Helps with laundry tasks.

N. Ensures the kitchen and equipment are cleaned and working.

O. Prepares and bakes twice a week during the school year what is on the menu as an afternoon treat.

  • Contact Person: Melanie Rohloff
  • Contact Person's Position: Assistant Director
  • E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • Phone Number: 260-485-7951
  • Fax Number: 260-485-2812