The Lutheran Schools

The Lutheran Schools—preschools, 17 elementary schools, and one high school—is one of the largest systems of its kind in the country. The Lutheran Schools offer a special combination—excellent academic instruction in an environment that fosters faith.

We provide an outstanding alternative to public-school environments and the inherent challenges to learning they present. Because we are not government funded, we are also not subject to the same regulations or budget swings as our public-school counterparts. This gives us the freedom to take a long-term, consistent approach to the way we educate students, capitalize on what works well, and be nimble enough to meet the individual needs of each student, maximizing their capabilities and God-given talents.

These Lutheran Schools in northeast Indiana are voucher schools:

Ascension (Fort Wayne)

Central Lutheran ( New Haven)

Concordia (Fort Wayne)

Concordia Lutheran High School (Fort Wayne)

Emmanuel St. Michael (Fort Wayne

)Emmaus (Fort Wayne)

Holy Cross (Fort Wayne)

Lutheran South Unity (Fort Wayne)

St. John (Kendallville)

St John-Emmanuel (Monroeville)

St. Paul’s (Fort Wayne)

St. Peter’s (Fort Wayne)

St. Peter–Immanuel (Decatur)

Suburban Bethlehem (Fort Wayne

)Woodburn Lutheran (Woodburn)

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