Yvonne M. Spillers, Attorney at Law

"Caring about You and Your Family"
  Yvonne M. Spillers practices in several areas of family law. The ones listed here are where Yvonne’s specialties are growing. Yvonne has worked as a Victim’s Advocate and is a strong supporter of victims’ rights. Yvonne cares about her clients and will help in every way she can within the bounds of the law. Remember family law can include areas such as filling for a divorce, enforcing a divorce decree, modifying an existing child support or child custody order. Domestic violence can include civil and criminal cases, enforcement of protective orders, and Invasion of Privacy defense. Child protective services related issues can include areas of child advocacy, Guardian Ad Litem work, parent’s rights, and grandparent’s rights. Yvonne’s legal services are not limited to family law but this is where here passion lies. Please call or email Yvonne with any questions regarding the services that can be offered to you as a client.

Please review the list to see Yvonne’s growing
area of specialty.
  For further information please call or email us to setup your free consultation and have your legal questions answered.

Victim’s Advocate
“CHINS” – Child in need of service.
High Conflict Divorce
Protective Orders
Guardian Ad Litem
Parents and Grandparents Rights

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