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Getting Ready for Marriage

Jim Burns, author and speaker, talks with Melissa Montana about a wonderful resources for engaged and newly married couples.  The name of  book, co-authored by Jim and Doug Fields, is Getting Ready for Marriage.   Research shows that couples that go through...

Posted on Apr 30, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

God is Just. Not Fair

Melissa Montana talks with Jennifer Rothschild, the author of God is Just. Not Fair: Finding Hope When Life Does Not Make Sense.  In their conversation, Jennifer talks about the reality of liviing a life of faith that confirms that God is Just, and we can...

Posted on Apr 29, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

Joe’s Kids Splatter Dash 5K

Third annual, Splatter Dash walk/run is a powder paint run benefiting the children at Joe’s Kids: a clinic in Warsaw that provides physical, occupation, and speech therapy to special kids with special needs.   You can sign up for a 1 mile walk or a 5 mile...

Posted on Apr 28, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

Ray Johnston - The Hope Quotient

Melissa Montana talks with Ray Johnston, pastor and author of The Hope Quotient. Measure it. Raise it. You'll Never Be the Same.   In The Hope Quotient, Pastor Johnston talks about the necessity of hope in every single person's lives.  Click on the...

Posted on Apr 26, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

A Man in The Making

Melissa Montana talked with Rick Johnson.  In the chapters of the book, Rick highlights character trait that made each an outstanding model of manhood.  For more information about Rick Johnson's book you can go to

Posted on Apr 24, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

Hope Runs An Interview with Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Melissa talks with Claire Diaz-Ortiz, co-author of Hope Runs: An American Tourist, a Kenyan Boy, a Journey of Remdemption.  In this book, Claire, tells the story of how God can change one's life in the the blink of an eye.  After a traveling around the...

Posted on Apr 21, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

David Crowder talks about The Neon Steeple Tour

David Crowder calls into the station to chat with Melissa Montana about his upcoming concert.  Crowder describes his concert an exciting night of music and worship with God's people on "the front porch".   Crowder will be performing Thursday, April 16th at...

Posted on Apr 12, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

Empowered to Connect Conference - Dan Coley

Melissa Montana talks with Dan Coley, speaker at the upcoming Empowered to Connect Conference.  Dan share with Melissa how the conference impacts attendees and equips them for the challenges of adoption and foster care.  The conference is comign to Fort...

Posted on Apr 9, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

Mom’s Night Out Interview with Andrea Logan White

Today Melissa Montana talks with actresss  Andrea Logan White.  Andrea talks about the motivation behind the making of Moms Night Out and other Christian films.  You can learn more about Andrea by clicking on the link above to listen to their conversation....

Posted on Apr 7, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

Carly Fiorina “God’s closest in the pain”

Melissa Montana talks with Carly Fiorina about walking through painful times.  In their conversation, Carly opens up with Melissa about some of the painful seasons in her life, as a woman, and her faith in God in those times.  Click on the link above to...

Posted on Mar 31, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

Interview with Karen Brandt,  Organizer of Lucky Duck Resale

This afternoon Melissa talks with Karen Brandt, the organizer of Luck Duck Resale sale in Fort Wayne,  This coming week, March 26 - 29, 2015, at the Coliseum, families can come shop gently used clothing for all their children's needs.  The Lucky Duck sale...

Posted on Mar 19, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

Kara Tippetts Part Two

Kara Tippetts and Melissa Montana talk for a second conversation.  Kara shares today about her quest to look for God in this difficult walk, to live in the present and to pray her fears.  She share how being broken is okay and reminds us that this is not...

Posted on Mar 12, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

Kara Tippetts Part One

Melissa Montana talks today with the beautiful Kara Tippetts.  She is a mother, author, blogger, and cancer patient.  Kara has written a book, The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life's Hard.  During their conversation, she shares how she is...

Posted on Mar 11, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

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Associated Churches’ Roger Reece

Today Rev. Roger Reece, Executive Pastor of Associated Churches, talks with Melissa Montana.  Roger shares with listeners the real need right now for food donations.  The winter is long and their shelves are bare.  You can help make a real difference right...

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana

LEAP - For the Love of Literacy

Melissa Montana speaks with Amber Harper, the director of the LEAP of Noble County Program.  Amber shares success stories of  how the organization impacts the community.  This Valentines Day you can help support their programs and enjoy a wonderful evening...

Posted on Feb 9, 2015 | Conversations | Melissa Montana


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