Brandon Heath sings love to the world

While March Madness bounds into our lives and guards us from productivity for three weeks, artists like Brandon Heath are using this month to recharge after helping us be more productive through music that challenges.

I choose my music as carefully as I choose my brackets. Heath makes the top-tier list because his hits like "I'm Not Who I Was" and "Give Me Your Eyes" give us a new filter for heart and mind. They screen what we don't need so that we can focus more on what God wants.

It's been three years since we have heard new music from him, but Heath has been busy. He has toured with Aaron Shust and others. And Carrie Underwood asked him to sing "Love Never Fails" for her wedding.

In the world of staying connected, Heath is doing his part, and not just in Tweets and Facebook posts. His site features a video interview full of great advice for future songwriters and the 411 on what you can do to find yourself in a the role of new artist in Christian music.

Heath has spent time lending his talents to play with other artists, like Leeland's tune "Follow You." He's also helped write songs for Bebo Norman, Joy Williams and Sevenglory.

While we all, along with Heath, take a break to enjoy the games these next few, it's a short rest for him. He heads back out on the road for his "Leaving Eden Tour" with Dave Barnes and Kristian Stanfill. He also plans to tour with Natalie Grant and MercyMe later this year before hitting the festivals this summer.

Brandon Heath's voice is unique in tone while portraying some of the greatest songs we have heard - not just in Christian music but in any music during the last decade. His honesty in each lyric takes the madness from our lives with each listen.

Posted on Mar 26, 2011 | General, Morning Show | Shelby Lynn


Bianca said on Mar 16, 2012 at 5:45pm

For those of you who love dorky moments Brandon erhass (with some prodding from the youth leader crowd) to sing a song he wrote in 8th grade.  It’s hilarious.  We laughed and cried in this talk-back with Brandon.  So click it to play (let it run in the background while you work on Sunday’s talk) and be blessed by how Brandon is serving in the Kingdom.

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