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If you've ever had someone pray for you, you know what a difference it can make. And now there is a new way for you to hear about others who have asked for your prayers. It's called, "Pray It Forward". Here, you can ask for prayer, and see others who need your prayers. You'll even know when someone has prayed for you when you receive their note of encouragement.

Along with Pray it Forward, we have a Prayer Line available to where you or someone you know can call and an operator will be able to direct you to one of our qualified workers. This number is available 24 hours a day at: 1-800-525-LOVE

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I pray i get accepted on the weatherization program on my home

My prayer is that this happens. I always have known that there is someone else with a need more then me. But i really need this to happen. This is my first time on the prayer line. Thank you:)

Posted on Dec 13, 2013 | Prayer Request

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Friend in need

Please pray for my friend Matt, he is in need this Christmas season. He doesn't have money for his bills and is at risk of losing his home. He can't afford food for his family and won't be able to buy any Christmas presents for his daughter this year. I...

Posted on Dec 9, 2013 | Prayer Request


Please pray that Jesus and His heavenly Father give me all the help I need to renew and restore my relationship with Catherine. Please pray that they take the relationship, make it something beautiful again, and give it back to us.

Posted on Dec 9, 2013 | Prayer Request

speedy delivery of a healthy baby girl with no c section

pray that  harmony and baby are healthy and delivers baby asap

Posted on Dec 6, 2013 | Prayer Request

for a great job

my daughter has tried so hard to grow and be responsible.  she is a great kid trying to be independent.  i pray for her to find a really great job that goes along with her great personality so she can continue to grow in confidence.  i pray she can get past...

Posted on Dec 4, 2013 | Prayer Request

prayer for freedom from an eating disorder

I've battled on and off with bullemia for several years, and my prayer request is for strength, self-control, and freedom from this crippling anxiety and compulsion. I'd been doing well for several weeks, but relapsed recently (and no, not on Thanksgiving,...

Posted on Dec 1, 2013 | Prayer Request

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Bridget to be healed of cancer and lung trouble

Please pray for my cousin Bridget she is 43. She over came breast cancer this year but now is in the hospital doctor said it has spread to her lungs. Doctor say she is in bad shape. I am also not sure of her salvation!! PRAYER needed I know God is a God of...

Posted on Nov 29, 2013 | Prayer Request

Sick daughter in London

My 25 year old daughter just moved with her job to London a few weeks ago.  She has a stomach virus today and can't keep anything down.  Please pray that she is able to fly home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.  It is difficult to be on the other side of the...

Posted on Nov 26, 2013 | Prayer Request

familt in need

Yesterday i seen mycousin. It was very good to see her. We went out for dinner and afterwards dropped her off at her house. Her hubby and three kids was at his mothers house so it was just us. I needed to use the bathroom before my trip back to fort wayne...

Posted on Nov 25, 2013 | Prayer Request

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Strength and Perseverance

I currently live with chronic pain.  I have had a particular health issue for five years as of this past summer.  The longer I am in pain, the harder it is to persevere.  I would like to ask for prayers.  Please pray for strength that only God can provide,...

Posted on Nov 22, 2013 | Prayer Request

God’s Guidance

Found out this week that our mortgage company has started the foreclosure process, after I had sent them money and they told us we were $150.00 short. Then are now wanting another $1,700. Please pray that God provides the money or a way to keep our house....

Posted on Nov 21, 2013 | Prayer Request

My Wife’s Interview Today

My wife is a very well trained and educated nurse.  However due to a car accident caused by a drunk driver over 15 years back, she has been physically unable to find employment in the field of nursing that she loves.  So many nursing positions requrie her...

Posted on Nov 21, 2013 | Prayer Request

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Please, please pray for me

Please pray for me.  I am going through something that never used to happen, but now happens all the time.  It is ruining my life and I can't go out and have fun anymore.  I have prayed until I cannot pray anymore.  I just don't see how curing me can be...

Posted on Nov 18, 2013 | Prayer Request

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Prayers Needed

Prayers are needed for my father. He recently had his only form of transportation stolen (he lives in Ft Wayne & has had multiple heart attacks and medical issues & is retired) He helps out the elderly in his neighborhood as a handyman to pay for his food...

Posted on Nov 16, 2013 | Prayer Request

Job Decision

I need prayer to help me decide what to do with my job. I am deciding whether to transfer to another position in the company or simply to just leave completely. I am unhappy and very stressed where I am now and need peace and guidance.

Posted on Nov 14, 2013 | Prayer Request


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