A New Temporary Home

I am humbly requesting prayers again, I am so very grateful for SSI/Disability of $704 a month as well as Section 8 housing assistance,the selections that I qualify for are quite limited.The lanlord of the little lake house I live in abruptly terminated my lease her reason being that she didn't like the government in "her business."Origionally she wanted me to move in 5 days,however now I must be out by 3/16.I have been praying continuiously for Our Fathers guidance as I have 2 appts.at Apartment Complex's tomorrow 3/4 my first choice is TimeCorner Crossing,my 2nd is Chestnut Hills.It may sound silly but the 1st apartment is older with large trees,bushes and nature, the 2nd is new without nature of really any type and while I feel close to God wherever I am, I see him in the trees,flowers,birds,squirrels and simply all of nature.I have severe scoliosis and many other health issues and the 1st is also closer to all of my Dr.'s.  I will faithfully follow where God leads me and am so humbled by his mercy,grace and the bounty of assistance He has provided for me as well as my Star 88.3"family" for always uplifting and encouraging me! God Bless each of you and know that you are all in my daily prayers.

Posted on Mar 3, 2013 | Prayer Request


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