Abe Brennan was brutally beaten in New York - please pray for him.

Abe was brutally beaten in New York last week.  He is in an induced coma due to head trauma.  Today Abe had surgery to remove part of his skull due to swelling.  He has 2 "brain bleeds" - one has not changed and one is worse.  Abe moves his head when his brother Ephraim talks to him.  The dr.s have not given much hope - we ask for prayer for Abe's healing and for Our God's Holy Spirit to be present that Abe can hear and feel Him near.  Jesus commands us to pray - unceasingly - won't you add Abe to your list of prayer requests?  Please also pray for Abe's family for comfort and strength. Please forward this prayer request.  Thank you!!!!

Posted on Aug 15, 2011 | Prayer Request


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