Bless my 9 months old son

I am a single mother and i am 21 year old and living with my parents for the time. I had a boyfriend that was the world to me in every way. But things didnt work out and now. When i told him that i was going to have his baby he was all excited about it, but things were not working for him and know he wants nothing to do with my son and he saying that its not his. But then he went and started  a family with somebody else and had baby with her. I just want my son to have a father and will love him and be there for him. I know god will help me and i pray everyday that my son father will come around before its to late...

Posted on Apr 24, 2011 | Prayer Request


Laura said on Apr 27, 2011 at 5:31am

I prayed for you this morning to realize your potential and to know you deserve a responsible, nurturing and strong father for your new baby.  Let Jesus take the wheel and he will guide you.

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