broken heart

I am requesting deep prayer for me and my 11 yr old daughter.   My two year relationship w/ the man I love so very much just ended.  I am broken and I need all the prayer I can get.  I loved him with all of my heart.  I really believed he was it for me. I believed God led him to me and he was who God wanted me to share my life with.  I am completely devistated an praying for a healed heart....and praying if it be in His will that we will be reunited.  My daughter is hurting so badly.  He was like a father to her.  He was the father she doesn't have. I am trying to move forward and trying to surrender all to Christ.  I am trying to remain hopeful. God is in the miracle making business and all things are possible through Him.  I was ready to move forward in the relationship and he was not.  He was starting to really develop in his faith.  I believe that the enemy is out to destroy.  I pray that if it could be possible that God will impress it on his heart to return.  If not, I am praying for healing and acceptance.  Thank you in advance for all the much needed and appreciated prayers.

Posted on Apr 3, 2012 | Prayer Request


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