Christmas and Children

Please forgive me if at any point I sound ungrateful as I am so very grateful to God and the many blessings he has bestowed upon me.My daughter Ambers fiance Mark,was laid off as many are now,Amber took a job at a but had to stop working due to difficultie with her pregnancy,With no support from her 5yr old Kaidance & 2yr old Adalyns father who is in the Air Force in AZ.and has seen the girls only twice in 3yrs.Amber choked on her pride and signed up for a local Christmas program so the girls would have something under the tree.I took her to pick up the box on Tuesday,of course we looked in it when we got home.This is where I may sound ungrateful without meaning to,it contained a XXL colts jersey,aXXL black hoodie,a size small childs jacket,med juniors jacket,(she is donating these to coats for kids as they wouldn't fit them)a 4x5 Minnie Mouse car and a Mermaid Barbie size doll. she signed up for the girls not  anyone XXL (nonone in the home is even lg)..I taught my children when young that Santa brings gifts because it is Jesus' Birthday,we still celebrate by baking Him a cake & singing.However at 5 yrs old they don't quite understand the money factor and I'm sure many children will wonder if they were "naughty" when they awake to no gifts Christmas morning.I am disabled & very grateful to recieve  SSI/Disability however it is less than $700 a mo. after the basics there isn't much left for any thing else much less gifts. You can't go to a store without being bombarded by toys everywhere,(it used to be easy to skip the toy section) I am asking for prayers for everyone this Christmas Season,especially the children! With so much sadness and evil in the world today,they need at least one happy carefree day... God Bless each of you and may you all have a very Merry Christmas,Kellie Stine

Posted on Dec 21, 2012 | Prayer Request


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