I am facing a rough patch in my life. I feel like I am between my past and the promised land. There are several situations that I am facing right now that God is using to cleanse me of my past and all unrighteousness but knowing and understanding the season I'm in doesn't make it any easier. I find it easy to believe God and know that where I'm at in this season is just temporary but I find myself getting discouraged when I look at my circumstances. I am a single mom in a family that doesn't have a strong foundation in Christ so it is almost impossible to turn to them for support. Along with that, I am facing financial hardships and some health problems. I am working part time looking for full time work and will be starting school again next month. As of today, I have yet to hear back from any prospective employers, which is more than frustrating. Right now I am just believing God for courage to push through the hardships and for His peace to keep me grounded in Him.

Thank you in advance!

Posted on Sep 14, 2012 | Prayer Request


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