Ecuador Medical Mission

San Lorenzo, Ecuador

My name is Crystal and I am part of an organization at IPFW called the Global Health Initiative. The Global Health Initiative is a group that seeks to address global concerns in the unequal distribution of health among those living in poverty, both around the world and in our own community.  We hope to educate students on global health issues and demonstrate the multidisciplinary aspects of these problems through presentations, panels, and round table discussions that involve professors, students, and experts from various fields.  In addition, we hope to involve students in global health initiatives by volunteering in local free health clinics, supporting clinics fighting health disparities in other parts of the world by collecting needed supplies, and providing students with cross-cultural experiences in a healthcare setting.  Through these activities, we seek to foster respect for cultural diversity and create responsible global citizens and future leaders in global health.

In the spring of 2014, a group of students will be traveling to a health clinic in San Lorenzo, Ecuador. Students will be allowed the opportunity to have hands-on experience in a surgical setting and volunteer with community members.  Participation in the trip will help to make the students more competitive in applications to medical and graduate schools by providing an opportunity that is only offered overseas. In order to raise funds for program costs associated with the trip, we will be hosting a 5K on Sunday March 23rd, 2014 on IPFW’s campus. The program costs include the organization’s expenses while in Ecuador, as well as supporting the clinic’s work in the surrounding community. Any money raised over the amount needed for those costs will be donated directly to the clinic.

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