Extreme job stress, unforgiveness, fighting, possible job loss

I struggle with anxiety and depression. I'm praying for peace and the joy of my salvation. Also, I'm asking for prayer for our staff, in the telemarketing office I work in. Our office closes in a couple weeks. Our staff is to work at home via computer and phone with little to no direction from our Company in another state. Currently, the office environment is stressful and filled with spiritual warfare. There is daily possibility of other co-workers fighting,threatening each other and no trust. This makes the idea of working at home where we could help each other very hard. I have witnessed to another 'baby' believer and tried to talk and teach her about God and Jesus. I made a mistake and hurt her feelings this last week. She spent the day screaming at me and accusing me of being a hypocritical Christian that isn't her friend. She said many hurtful things and I'm praying for healing in the friendship and that she would come to understand Christians are forgiven not perfect, as her expectation seems to be. Life just seems to be so hard, yet I keep praying and hoping.

Posted on Apr 15, 2011 | Prayer Request


Laura J Smyser said on Apr 27, 2011 at 6:01am

I prayed for you this morning.  You are working in a very toxic environment.  Perhaps God sent you there to just be a role model as a way of testifying.

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