We are a young married couple in some financial difficulties - thankfully we both have jobs - it is just so hard to keep up - we have no children yet, but want to start a family soon - how can we? we are struggling with just the cost of the 2 of us - Praying that God will give us the knowledge to manange our money and spend wisely! Pray that we will have (much over-due) advancement and raises at our jobs. Pray for peace.

Posted on Apr 4, 2011 | Prayer Request


Mama T said on Apr 04, 2011 at 1:09pm

Things look like they are hard now, and you are both thankful that you have jobs right now but know that God has you in his hands and he has things planned for the two of you within all due time and things will start to happen, you just don’t know when! Keep leaning on him for the love and support that you need!!

iamluvdx3 said on Apr 04, 2011 at 9:39pm

I know things seem tough, but you need to know God loves you and has the best in store for you.  You need to do your part in not to over extend yourselves financially, to work hard to pay off what you have.  Tithing is also important, even tho you may feel you can’t afford it at the time, God will always take care of you especially if your doing your part in helping him in spreading his ministry.  Keep your chins up and know most of all “You are Loved”!

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