Financial Struggle

I am a 55 year old wife and grandmother who is in need of a job that is right for me.I have been applying for positions with cleaning companies and daycares. I am also a born again Christian believer who has such strong faith in God and pray daily. I have 2 grandchildren: a 6 yr old boy and an 8 month girl they are so precious to me. My grandson has behavior issues and learning disabilities. I help care for him on weekends since my son works then and my daughter-in-law can't care for them both. My husband does work and provide for us  but its a srtuggle at times. I would ask for prayer for God's will in our lives and continuing faith especially for me. I know he will provide if we just trust in Him. I do trust in Him. Thank you very much, God bless all the staff at Star88.3 .

Posted on Feb 5, 2013 | Prayer Request


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