For my family

After 20 years of marriage I walked out on my husband and our children.  I didn't have a great relationship with God at that point.  The week after my divorce was final, God took ahold of my heart and made me feel things I have never felt.  I believe God wants my marriage and family back together.  He has a girlfriend and says he will do what God directs him to do.  I was restoration of my family and marriage.  I have given up control to God.  Just pray that God reunites my husband and I.  I believe we will be a strong couple and family in God.  What bigger testament to God and his glory than to put back together a failed marriage?

Posted on Dec 29, 2011 | Prayer Request


Rick Canales said on Jan 01, 2012 at 11:56am

I pray for you and give the glory to God for bring you to him. I belive God will restore your marriage and family. My wife also left after 20 years together, I pray that God help too restore mine also. I stand with you and ask you to stand with me in this prayer for our Marriages.

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