God’s Love

Thank you God for giving me people who CHOOSE to love me.  Thank you for allow these people to enter my life and that of my children.  Thank you for giving us the support and encouragement we need.  Thank you for those who take time out of their busy lifes to come sit in a court room with me.  Thank you for those who pray for our continued strength, healing, growth, and your control in our situation.  God thank you for rescuing us from an aweful abusive situation.  For providing us a loving family and great friends.  Thank you for keeping us safe.  Thank you for your Love and Mercy.  Thank you for all that you do each day.  Thank you for opening our eyes to knowing you are the only worth and value we need.  Thank you giving us LOVE.  Thank you God.  Thank you God!

Posted on Oct 3, 2011 | Praise


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