Guidance in ministry

For a long time I have felt God calling me to a life of ministry, but for so long I refused to listen.  I finally realized that the yearning to devote my life to ministry was in my heart for a reason.  And now, for the past year, I have happily accepted this calling!  I can't imagine doing anything else and am so greatful to have this in my heart.  Although I'm more excited than anything to finally devote everything in me to God, I also find myself confused.  You see, my fiance and I are looking for a new church to call home, and so I feel desperate to find someone to look up to, learn from...maybe a mentor so to speak.  If you could pray that I stay humble and patient during this time I would truly appreciate it!  The power of prayer is amazing and I thank everyone who is taking time to care about someone they don't even know.  God bless :)

Posted on Sep 13, 2012 | Prayer Request


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