Heart Break

Hello, I ask that you pray for my family and son.  Please pray for strength and courage as we are in a painful custody battle. I ask that you pray God heals all hearts involved and help all of us forgive each other and restore our relationships that have been distoried by the demons of this world.  I feel I'm stuck and can't do anything about it.  I ask that you pray for my sons father and myself, that we may see all the bad this is doing and be willing to put our pride aside and work to make the future better for our son.  I pray that my heart is filled with forgiviness and overcome with Godly love when in the courtroom.  I pray that my sons battle scars that we have put on his heart heals and that he may forgive us for hurting him and acting this way. I pray that he sees we both love him very much and I ask that God gives us strength to put our hatred beside and do as Jesus would. I pray that i am able to turn the other check and have faith God will renew this and make it good in His name.I ask for a mircle and with God I know it's possible through faith and prayer!  Please pray for all involved in this terrible stuck situation, and that God's way will be done, and I am obediant to my Lord commands and controlled by the Holy Spirit!  Thank you!

Posted on Feb 3, 2012 | Prayer Request


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