heart broke mother.

I write this with the hope that God will bring my daughter home.Last august my daughter caitlyn, desided to believe some lies ,that other family members told her.With that being said she left home, and now lives with those that told her these lies.We have done nothing wrong but love our daughter, our hearts break daily, and without God don't know what I would do.Thank you for your prayers in this matter.

Posted on Apr 16, 2012 | Prayer Request


Kellie Stine said on Apr 22, 2012 at 5:00pm

Dear Heart Broke,there is nothing more difficult than your own child believing others before their parents.I have a similar situation with my son.My own heart breaks for your pain but please know Caitlyn will see the truth in time,hopefully soon.Family can be such a blessing and seemingly a curse at times.While I love my family I choose not to be too involved with them due to things like this,I forced myself not to contact my son for a while to give him space to find the truth on his own,it has been harder than I ever imagined but all we can do now is give it to God and pray.
Dear Father I ask You to rest in Caitlyn’s heart and show her the truth,let her feel Your love and that of her parents,tell her Lord that You chose them for her and they are forever connected, please let her forgive and come home.I ask also God for you to comfort these parents and ease their pain,In Your Son Jesus Name I pray,Amen
I am not really sure what a URL is but I put my face book link (I think) on here if you’d like to contact me,perhaps we can help one another.Peace and Blessings,Kellie

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