I am a single mom of 2 children, unemplyed and struggling with anger and depression.

I am in prayer searcing for wisdom and guidance concerning my future and the gentleman I have been dating a little over a year.  I am struggling with anger and depression as my life has been full of heartach and pain.  I am currently unemployed and struggling.  I am praying for peace and the direction the Lord wants me to go.  I would like to move forward in my relationship with my partner.  He is not ready to take that step.  I am confused, frustrated and very depressed.  Please lift me up in prayer.  Thanks

Posted on Aug 5, 2011 | Prayer Request


Amy said on Aug 06, 2011 at 10:13pm

Lord, I lift this woman up to you in prayer tonight…..please heal her from the pain and heartache that she has endured over the years and make her whole again.  Bring her peace ~n~ joy back in her heart…..heal her from the anger and depression…..guide her heart to You O Lord, comfort her in her time of need.  Fill her with Your Holy Spirit ~n~ wrap Your loving arms around her tonight!!  Please show her the path that You want her to take and bring an added measure of Faith to her tonight…..In Jesus Name, Amen

Sharon said on Aug 10, 2011 at 7:27pm

Father my heart goes out to the woman that posted this request.  She needs You now, and I know You will work in her life - let her see Your works and restore her faith and peace.  As humans it’s hard for us Father to move thru past pain sometimes - and noone can heal that but You.  Anger and depression are powerful emotions that can make a person feel so alone - please Father - let her know and seek out those around her that love her and will lift her up.  Bless her Father with a job and the path that You long ago set forth for her - strengthen her to set out on a journey with You as the center and her family situation that will come under control.  Let this woman know Father that there are many out here praying for her daily.  In the name of Your Son Jesus, who gave His life for us - we pray….Amen.

Courtney said on Aug 17, 2011 at 4:34pm

Father I just pray for this woman that is going through a very hard step in life!  I just pray that she puts all of her problems into your hands and taht she knows that you will help her get through all of this stress!  I just pray that she will be able to find a job!!  I also pray that her partner will be able to help her with all of this and help them both find out what is best for them!! I just pray Lord that she knows that many people will be praying for her and her family!  I just pray that you will be able to help her find that help that she needs to get out of this hard time in her life and I pray that her faith will just keep getting better! All you can do is pray and give it to God and he will help you!! I pray that her spiritual walk with do nothing, but get even better Lord! I pray for her children and her family!!  In Jesus’s wonderful name Amen.

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