I need a job. One that is in the will of God!

I am a 40 yr old strong woman of God who loves the Lord unconditionaly! I have been in church "all" my life.  I have had a calling on my life at a very young age for ministry.  Now that Im unemployed the Lord has my full attention on him and is opening up new avenues of my life that I have never experienced! I am married to an awesome husband who is r sole provider for r income. I need something to supliment our income and also do the ministry that the Lord wants me to do. I also have 5 children. My heavenly father and my family are "very" important to me. Please pray that I hear God boldly in the door that he wants me to walk through whenever he opens it!  MayGod richly bless all who pray 4 me!   



Posted on Feb 9, 2012 | Prayer Request


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