In need of prayer

I am being divorced after 18 years even though I do not want one. My brother is dying in prison and I cannot even visit him due to finances. I have health problems and lose my insurance December 3RD. I am unemployed. My teen daughter is doing drugs. My home is in foreclosure and I am alone except for Christ. I need prayer from his believers to help me through this dark time in my life. I am emotionally paralyzed. I have no family, my mother killed my father when I was one year old and she died before I met her. All my life I have made poor choices out of desperation and cannot seem to tust myself any longer. I trust in the Lord but his love is so intangable to me at this time. All I have is my faith and it is shamefully weak. If not for 88.3 I would have already lost my mind.

Please say a prayer fro me and my family.

Posted on Nov 15, 2012 | Prayer Request


Nathan said on Nov 19, 2012 at 9:08am

Prayers are heading in your direction, please know that God loves you so much and wants to wrap you in his loving arms.  Another way to get your prayer request a little more known is by calling 18005255683. 

Loving Lord, we ask you to please wrap your loving arms around this listener and we ask that you help sort out this difficult situation.  Help this faithful warrior to remain strong and to be able to persevere, to keep strong and to know and feel your presence around them.  We ask you to be with the family and to help them to get through the difficulties that Satan has presented to them.  Help the whole family to know your love and to feel your presence.  We know you can do all things please help the family to know and believe this.  Thank you for the blessings of this listener and their faith.  Please help them to remain strong.  In Your Holy and loving name, you know your plan for this person please help them to know all things have a reason and you are with them.  And all God’s people say Amen

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