Marriage Crisis

My husband of 27 yrs recently moved out.  This was a total shock for me.  I am praying that God will open and soften his heart in order to allow for the restoration of our marriage.  At this time my husband is not interested in working on restoring anything.  He says he has changed and wants to go a different direction, which makes no sense to me at all. 

Please pray for my husband, he is a Christian, but doesn't want to acknowledge what he knows is God's will.  Pray that God will direct his heart towards working on our marriage and help him to find his way back. 

Pray for me, that God will give me the strength to face this awful, awful thing with faith, hope and love.  Thank you to everyone who prays for us. 

Posted on Sep 27, 2011 | Prayer Request


Rick Canales said on Oct 08, 2011 at 4:17pm

Praying that God bring the help you need and heal your family. I also know this situation with my wife of 17 years. It will take some time, but God will help us to the best of his plans. Your Friend in Christ

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