mean boss pushing people to quit

pray for me to be able to keep my job. our boss is not the nicest person and he is new. I have worked here for almost 4 years now. several people have quit and he just made our new manager the amazing manger quit. im afraid of losing my job for no reason but because he is not a nice man. I can not quit my job for i can not afford to and I love my job and my customers I see every day.

Posted on Nov 16, 2011 | Prayer Request


Kate W said on Nov 21, 2011 at 10:27pm

I have prayed for you to be strong. To not be discouraged. To remember that Papa God has total sovereignty in EVERYthing, good and bad. And all things happen according to His unfailing goodness. Often, mean people seem to have it so good and we seem to be their whipping posts. But remember the story of Joseph and how his brothers treated him. Joseph went through MANY unjust times at the hands of many unmerciful people. But he did not lose sight, and all of his challenges led him in the direction to where he was ultimately able to save his entire family. God used a seemingly bad situation to bring about a greater good. The same is true with Pharoah, Moses and the Hebrews.

My husband and I were laid off within 6 weeks of each other a couple years ago. And one of us was in a situation such as yours. These years have been challenging, no doubt. But those challenges have matured us. And those challenges/set-backs have ended up being blessings. But those blessings can only be seen now, looking back. God likes to work His magic in His time, not ours. :)

Keep your eyes on God and do not lose heart. Papa is faithful. He won’t let you down.  {hug}

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