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 My husband is having  hard time finding work therefore i believe he has stop trying so hard to look and that puts a strain on our marriage.  We have three wonderful children I am on disability and can only work so much but the last job i was at a man attacked me. I have a good chance to get at a job at burger king. but i feel as if I do it all! I love my husband but lost  at what to do. We live in a very small two bed room where neighbors complain about noise we are the only one with small kids and they make noise! I been praying and goin to church. I know there is power in prayer. I could go on but dont want to sound so negitive just so upset i dont like being angry. But i feel i may have to leave my husband again if he does not at least try i dont need a big kid to take care of.

Posted on Jun 22, 2012 | Prayer Request


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