my family is in need

I know that there has been aloth of people in need this year. I wanted to ask for prayers for my family and myself. This is what has been going on in my life. My truck's transmission went out around the same time my father inlaw was going to need  surgery for his prostate. So we saved money for his prostate surgery. He is in mexico and there if you don't have the money upfront you don't get the surgery. God then sent us a blessing and he would not need the surgery. so they had planded to come up here to visit. My brother and sister inlaw helped a little with getting them up here. I told my husband who has not seen them for 5 years that we could wait a short while to buy another vehicle. so we spent the money we had saved to get them here by plane. When they got here they only had said their daughter told them to bring only 1 change of cloths each and that we would by them more. I was a little upset but we went and bought them cloths two. finaly it was 2 moths later that we could afford a cheap car. Thanks to god makeing it possible. I also help my youngest sister. She and her husband lost their home due to not knowing how to manage money. And both of them like to spend. So I found them a hose in their price range. I've helped them get on their feet. I mannage all of their money now. I am starting to teach my sister how to pay the bills and spend their money wisely with a new baby here. its not going well she is so tired from the baby and her husband dosn't help that much. Its hard to teach her now. My father just got layed off from his job they are saying that it wont be untill after jan. before he will go back. my mother and father are raising my other sisters oldest child. Last year my grandfather moved in with them because he divorced and only recives 600 dolars a month. and as we all know where can you live for that? he helps them out with 400 a moth but he needs the rest for medicine and gas to go to the doctor. my mom was just dianosed with damentia. so its a handfull of everything. i've talked things over with my husband. and i thank GOD every day for him. he said as long as he can we can help them with the bills. and try to steady there house and ours. we will all suffer a bit. but we have no choice in the matter. I like most daughters do not want to see my parrents homeless. I have only told one person out of my church about all of this. she is the one who usualy i help a thanksgiving to christmas.  last year i was able to help 7 familys of 3,4,4,5,3,4,7 with food for two weeks to a months worth. and one of the familys of 4 we helped with toilet paper shampoo,soap, cleaning supplys. but sadly this year i had to tell her i would be unable to help. but the reasone i am asking for a prayer request is because I am running thin. my mind is on constant overdrive. i can hardly keep focused enough to right this all down. we need a miricle for my family. we have cancelled christmas for the adults in our family i had bought gifts for the kids after last christmas i gave half to my mom and kept half for my house so the kids atleast have a little something. so please pray for us. i thank you so much and may God bless you this year. please forgive my spelling.

Posted on Nov 13, 2013 | Prayer Request


Kelli said on Nov 26, 2013 at 9:43am

You sound like you take the weight of the whole world on your own shoulders! How conscientious, responsible and generous you are! But you can’t possibly handle all of this for everyone. It’s so hard to do when you’re a hands-on action-oriented person, but try turning it all over to God, Say to Him, here is my burden, it’s too much for me, I ask you to bear it Lord because You can do all things. Then ask for peace and try not to worry, and try every day to believe in and expect a blessing. Take each day one day at a time. Otherwise you may become overwhelmed from all the burden you are taking upon yourself, and it sounds like you are a cornerstone of your family & they need you to stay well physically and emotionally.

Also there are a lot of programs to help with some of the things they need. Have you looked into the United Way? Salvation Army? Assistance from local churches? And try to remember in the big scheme of things that children really do need a loving family life more than they need presents & stuff. If you’re providing them that & bringing them into a relationship with God, then you’re already equipping them with the best gifts in life! They can be happy with something very simple to open on Christmas morning, and spending fun time by playing together & making family memories is always more lasting than a gift you would buy. Don’t make yourself feel guilty about having to go easy on the material things for them. Our culture makes us feel that way here but it isn’t as important as the consumer world makes it seem. God will surely bless you spiritually and physically for all of the good works you are doing for others and all of the kindness you are showing to others in need. He promises to bless you for all of those things, and that the goodness you’re putting out there will be returned to you. He will be faithful to those promises!  :)

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