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I have been struggling for a long time with lifes trials i have lost my children into fostercare now they are with my mother, i have lost my home an happieness, it seems like everything has fallen apart in my life i have been in a unhealthy relationship because i have no where else to go an recently i have gotten myself into a bad situation an now im on felony probation an i have no choices but to obey the court an im trying to hold on to my faith in my higher power an trust that all things are possible through christ who streagthens me an that he has a plan for me an will only give me what i can handle but sometimes i think to myself how strong does he think i am? i have surrendered an im asking him to give me strength an courage an to show me the way i have taken myself away from anyone and anything i feel is not good for me an i only listen to your station an its very inspiring sometimes i feel like its gods way of speaking to me some of the songs i hear are exactly what i need to hear an they help me stay focused im praying an hoping im able to get into the charis house which is a shelther that is a faith based enviornment an i feel thats where i need to be im asking for prayer to help me in all my struggles an trials an also for my health to get better i can also be reached by mail at 3734 s lafayette st apt 2 fort wayne IN 46805 or 2604520133 my name is amy thank u an god bless u

Posted on Jul 27, 2011 | Prayer Request


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