Need help with finances and family

I am a 54 yr old wife mother and grandmother who is having many struggles. I am a born again christian for over 20 yrs. I  do have a strong faith in God an d I live by that faith daily.  One thing is I was  working steady for the past  5 yrs from 2005 to 2010 then I lost my job . I  have been drawing unemplyment since then and trying to find  gainful emplyment. I  have been helping my son and daughter-in law  with watching my grandson .He is 5 yrs old he is a special needs child  who wasdiaignosed with Fetal Alchol Spectrum Disorder. This means he has short attention span and anzieties and isnt completely potty trained. He is a handful to care for ;also my son and daughter-in-law are expecting their 1st child and she has high blood pressure problems and severe migrain headaches.  Tihs is alot to deal with but  I trust in GOd pray and read my bible every day. My husband is working and provides for us but he tells me I ned to be working. He doesnt pay any tithes that I know of . Ive talked to him about this but to no avail. He is an alcholic  and drinks everyday and smokes cigarettes. I pray for him everyday . He doesnt have any friends to talk to and I feel he so needs male christian friends in his life .i would be so thankful for prayer for our needs. God Bless You All.      Thank you so very much in Christs love ,Kathy G.

Posted on Feb 16, 2012 | Prayer Request


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