Need prayers for my son

I am struggling with trying to be happy this holiday season. My family is torn apart.

My son hasn't talked with us for over 2 12 years because he didn't trust us enough to know  what was best for him ,so he left home, which unforunately everything we said was going to happen in his life if he did leave,  has come to fruition.  He needs prayer for intercession from sin in his life. This sin includes a girl he met and ever since his life has gone from being given a silver platter in life in becoming a physician assistant to now being $26,000 in school debt and not becoming a physician assistant and no prospects for future jobs in bio degree. 

 As his mother, I can't do anything for him except pray. He won't answer my emails or calls, will not come over when asked and holidays pass without any word from him. I  have tried to show him love  like God would do with no reply or gratitude.  Nothing is working to show him how much I love him and I can hardly breath anymore.I don't understand how you can raise a child in love and christ and have them turn on you so much. Hurting and in pain! 

Posted on Dec 29, 2012 | Prayer Request


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