Nephew in a Coma

On Wednesday, August 28th, 16 yr old nephew, Trevor had a sudden onset of Type 1 Diabetes.   He was taken to The Defiance Hospital with ketoacidosis from there he was taken to The Toledo Children’s Hospital.  Trevor was doing ok; they were getting his sugar down, he was talking wanting to go home.  Then suddenly y at 12:30 a.m. Wednesday he went into a diabetic coma and his brain began to swell (there is a 1% possibility of this complication with ketoacidosis).  They were able to get some medication in him right away to stop the swelling; the medicine was working then at 5:00a.m. the medicine stopped working and his brain began swelling again.  My husband and I received a phone call at 5:30 a.m. that Trevor was dying and there was nothing left for the doctors to do.  He had a 0% chance of survival and we needed to get there as soon as possibly could.  The doctors were unable to put a flap in because Trevor didn’t have enough room to allow for the swelling.  He was displaying sign of dying. 
When we arrived at the hospital, they were putting a tube in Trevor’s brain to drain the fluids.  Thankfully they were able to get in exactly where they wanted it.  We were informed that at this point Trevor could still die but we were starting to get maybe some hope.  An MRI was done to look at the area affected by the swelling.  He had major damage to his middle brain.  If he survived the may never wake up.  At about 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, the doctors sat us all down and said that he was stabilizing, the next 48-72 hours were very critical as he would probably get worse before he gets better.  Over the next 72 hours Trevor stabilized.  His brain quit swelling, his vitals were all normal, this ICP level was at a level that they were happy with, he didn’t get any infections, and no seizures.  The doctors began saying when he wakes up instead of if he wakes up. 
Trevor is still in a coma he remains stable and we are starting to see signs that he may possible wake up.  They are weaning him of his brain swelling med and his sedation medication.  The doctors have no idea what or how much of Trevor we will get back if or when he wakes up. 
We are trying to get as many prayers as possible for Trevor.  Prayers are the only thing that is going to get Trevor through this.  We believe in a Loving, Healing, Loving, Comforting and Caring God.   We are claiming healing in Trevor.  
We have a Facebook page Praying for Trevor where you can continue to be updated on Trevor’s progress.
Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone that you can think of to share it with.

Carrie L. Romines

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