Our Home in Crisis

Donna and I got married in June of 2005. At that time we decided to live in my Ft. Wayne house. However, I subsequently got a job at ABC Industries in Winona Lake in October of 2006. So, in December of 2006 we moved to Donna’s home in Warsaw. We lived there approximately 3 months, until the water pump of our well gave out. Because we didn’t have the money to fix it, we moved back to the Ft. Wayne home. We completely shut down the Warsaw house and Donna (per advice from her plumber) put antifreeze down the toilet, sinks, and bathtub to prevent the pipes from freezing. However, she didn’t put down enough and the pipes under the kitchen flooring busted and water ruined the floor. We didn’t have the finances to get that repaired. As of this date we still haven’t had the money for the needed repairs…And over the past 6½ years the situation has gotten worse. The 24 year old roof has leaked, causing the ceiling to collapse in a few places. This has led to ruined carpet from rain and snow. And, at one time an animal had gotten in (1.5 years ago this was taken care of and there are no more varmints) and human vandals broke in. All this, unfortunately, has happened to Donna’s beautiful ranch home; the one we are hoping to live in since both our jobs are in Warsaw (one hour to and from Ft. Wayne each day) and my Ft. Wayne home is too small for us and our 3 kitties (696 sq. ft.)

Recent developments have brought the predicament to a very expensive head. The mean and immoral neighbor across the street from us got up a petition, with some of the neighbors signatures, asking the city of Warsaw to demolish our house. The city is giving us until August 12th to post a cash performance bond of $3500 proving an intent to repair the house, or the city will begin demolition. Further, we will be fined a $5,000 civil penalty if we don’t comply with the orders. If the bond is posted, we then have until Sept. 15 to complete roof repairs and by Nov. 15 to complete all remaining repairs.

One dear neighbor is on our side. His name is Michael and he is also a general contractor. He looked at the house and determined it would take about $20,000 in materials to make the necessary repairs without labor costs. He said he would do the work for us, charging us no labor; just for the materials.

The bank in Warsaw who holds the mortgage on the house, Lake City Bank (the same bank that Donna has been with for 44 years) has refused to help us out with a construction loan.

For those of you who believe in the power of prayer, we covet your prayers. We need God’s provision, His wisdom and direction, and His righteousness and justice against the evil that is being perpetrated.

Our plans are, and have always been, to fix up the Warsaw house, move in (so we will be where our jobs are), sell our Ft. Wayne property, and pay off our debts.

We are in a crisis. Donna, because of her osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and congestive heart failure cannot work full time any more (It takes her 6 hours, now, to clean the only client she has of her 24 year cleaning business when it use to take only 3 hours); I work full time in a factory (asking for all the overtime they will give me) that is low-income pay; and both of our parents are no longer living to help us. Also, our Warsaw church is too small to help us.

Praise God that Donna has reached the age where she can retire (early retirement), so we are getting a little more each month from Social Security…Still not nearly enough, though, to help out this situation.

But, the most important thing we want is the Lord’s will, for Him to be glorified and for evil to be defeated.

Thank you and may God richly bless you,


Mark and Donna

Fort Wayne, IN

Posted on Jul 24, 2013 | Prayer Request


Sandy said on Aug 05, 2013 at 9:58am

Jesus, I pray that You will be with Donna and Mark. We always don’t understand what You are doing, but we know and trust You will see us through. Be with these Your Children today. My they cling to Your promises. I pray that this will all work for them   THANK YOU JESUS

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