Please pray for my wife - I need prayer for my wife and i am reaching out to everyone

Hello all,

I moved to Texas almost 2 months now due to a great job career opportunity. My wife while in Texas has had a very tough time finding a job in her field. Now my wife has decided to do a career change but is not getting calls from employers for interviews. Also, we just found out that we are pregnant. I have been praying so hard to God to help us. I hear my wife ask herself what is it that God wants her to do. I have been praying so hard but its amazing, my wife has a bachelors degree speaks multiple languages, a very intelligent person and has been having a horrible time trying to find a job. I also think she gets a bit upset because she feels like she cant contribute to our household income and now she is pregnant. It is something that we have wanted but we would have hoped that she could have found a job first.

I need help from the power of prayer and i reach out to you to please pray for my wife to find a good job, to not get depressed while being pregnant, and for god to take care of my wife through this pregnancy to give birth to a healthy child.


Posted on Aug 14, 2012 | Prayer Request


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