Pray for my family (death in the family)

Please pray for my family.  My mother-in-law died Monday, June 13 from pancreatic cancer.  My husband and his brothers and sisters are devastated.  Pray for strength and peace.  The services will be in Michigan and my husband and I are very stressed out about how we will be able to pay for gas, food, and a hotel as we live in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Pray for God to make a way.


Thank you,

Angela Hargrow

Posted on Jun 14, 2011 | Prayer Request


Anonymous said on Jun 16, 2011 at 1:46am

Dear heavenly father god put a peace in the family my god let them no that shes with you in a better place where thetes no more pain and suffering god lord god your the only one who can take the horrible pain of losing a love one away my god and my god yoy said ask and it shall be given my god they need your help finacily my god give them a blessing my god and supply there needs and more my god in the mighty name of jesus amen.

He understands your pain he has watch your life waiting on the chance that would would call on him in your him of need so his work in you could begin but don’t lose for he is hope for you don’t be afriad for he makes all things new and the he will take the pain away hope this helps godbless

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