pray for my sister

My sister who gives up everything to help me and her 3 daughters out is sick. she is itching all over really bad the medicane she has tooken has not stopped the itching. They have done test on her bumps to try and figure out what they are. my sister things that being they are so small that the doctor may have missed the spot they should be testing. from itching and doing test on her she is now black and blue all over her body, she also has a score on her foot that the doctor things could be a staff infection. On top off all this my sister thinks it may be mersa because my mother had it before she died and my sister was there by her side every day till she died. my sister is my life other then my two children she has done for me more then anyone else besides my mother and am afraid of losing her. please keep her in your prayer

Posted on Oct 25, 2011 | Prayer Request


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