Prayer for a troubled teen.

My cousin, was never taught right from wrong.  His mother would just let him go to friends houses, on the weekend, just to get rid of him.  He sexually mollested one of his friends little sisters, because there was no supervision in that house either.  He didn"t really think it was wrong.   He is in a Juvenile Detention Center in another state, where he lives.   He is only 14 and he might be in there for along time.  I pray that he gets the help he needs, and if he does get out, that his mother will be more watchful over him..   I could see this problem coming since he was 10, but, she wouldn't listen to me.  She thought I was being overly strict  and that I thought bad of her son, when I tried to talk about this to her.  I also pray for the little girl and her family, she is only nine years old.  I hope, that thru therapy and prayers she can get thru this too.

Posted on Jun 17, 2011 | Prayer Request


Jen said on Jun 30, 2011 at 3:11pm

I am praying for both your cousin and the young girl.

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