prayers for a friend on her way to ER

Friend of mine was kicked in the head by a horse several weeks ago. She was given some meds and released. Since then she had passed out in the barn, later had bleeding out of her ears and went to ER again. They found bleeding in her brain, was given meds and released again. She recently had another scan (to follow up) and there's still bleeding in her brain. Now she's throwing up blood and is going in again. I'm praying that they hang onto her for awhile to make her slow down some. She's been continuing all of her work with the horses and her job but she's not supposed to be lifting anything heavy. She just doesn't have much help from the family at home and hates to ask for outside help. She's such a sweet person and always puts others before herself. Please pray for full recovery and that husband can help her not have to do it all on her own. Thank you! God is good.

Posted on Aug 27, 2012 | Prayer Request


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