prayers for my daughter

I praise God everyday for my children.  They are truley a blessing.  My daughter is in a controlling and mentally abusive relationship and we pray that God will give her strength to get through and open her eyes to be able to move out of this relationship if it is His will.  Her relationship with this man has drawn her away from her family and friends as in she rarely sees or speaks to them.  She rarely smiles anymore and she has a beautiful smile.  We would like to place out daughter in the hands of God!  We have faith that He will see her through this as He knows best.  This suituation has brought our family closer to God and we are truly grateful.  We also pray for our understanding and strength to help her through this when she is ready for us.

Posted on Oct 2, 2011 | Prayer Request


Annie Smith said on Oct 03, 2011 at 12:25pm

Dear Heavenly Father - You are awesome and masterfull.  You are a great creator.  thank you for creating each one of us in our unique ways.  I at this time would like to ask for help and encouragement for this family.  God, you know I was once in an abusive situation with no one to turn to.  You know the depths of great pain and shame I felt.  Lord, I ask that you would wrap your loving arms around this young woman.  She has allowed the lies to take over your voice.  Let her hear your voice more loudly and clearly than that of the lies she is being told.  Remind her of her great value and worth.  Remind her of the love of her family and of the love you so graciously give us.  Remind her that she need not fear this man.  But instead turn and fear you.  I know how very difficult it is to not fear this man.  Especially when they are as crafty and mean as they are.  Do like you did for me.  Open up the door of support and love and allow it to reach her heart.  Allow it to inspire hope in her.  Force the truth to speak not only to her heart but her head as well God.  Sometimes, our hearts hear one thing and our head hears another.  Allow them to be in unison with the truth and love that you offer her.  Make it known to her that they are many people like her and she is not alone in this.  I know I often felt very alone even with those family close to me.  Allow her to put you in control.  God, take over control of this situation.  Let your love Shine!  Let her seek value and self worth only in you Lord!  Heal her pains.  Heal her hurts.  Be her refuge in this storm.  Please continue to support and encourage her family.  Do not let them give up Hope.  Lord I ask of these things.  Amen

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