Prayers for strength

I was in an a very abusive relationship for 5 years. It wasn't until I had my children that I decided to leave. That was the biggest decision I have ever made in my life and has been quite the battle mentally and legally. 2 1/2 years later I am still feeling the effects of that relationship. I feel very angry and bitter.. Even resentful.. I feel at times I take it out on my children even though it isn't their faults. (no I don't hurt them in any way) I'm just not as involved and loving as I want deeply want to be. I feel like I am stuck in this haze and I'm watching life float by and I'm missing out on the this time with them. I've tries counseling, I've tried talking with friends and of course prayer and talking to God.. But something just isn't right inside. Any one that I've dated since my last relationship has ultimately been the same type of man.. I've not been with another man that's hit me but the emotional and mental abuse is what I keep running into.. I don't understand how I'm drawn into these situations. I almost feel dependent on having a man in my life. I'm focusing on all the wrong things and I just feel so lost. Please help pray for me to get strength to get through all of this mess. Strength to stand on my own two feet and be a strong confident woman.. And a better mother. If anyone knows of any support groups for abused women in Lagrange or noble county that would be appreciated as well.

Posted on Sep 10, 2012 | Prayer Request


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