Prayers needed for my marriage

I desperately need all prayers I can get for my marriage. My husband is cheating on me, and ready to walk out the door and call it quits because God uncovered his infadelity this past Sunday.  But I am fighting for my marriage! I forgive him, and am continuing to forgive as he is still doing it! But he has not moved out, but sleeping on an air mattress in our living room and using guest bathroom etc.  We have a one and a half year old daughter, and a nine month old son! We have had a rough marriage, but I know everyone goes through stuff like this. He has lost his relationship with God, and is trying to throw everything we have away. He is talking to this woman and texting her constantly! My prayer is that God breaks this relationship with her and bring him home to me and our kids! I love him! Please everyone that reads this pray with me and stand with me that my husband comes back to us. I know the battle is already won, Jesus won it at the cross! Help me bring this victory home!

Posted on Jul 27, 2012 | Prayer Request


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