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I am asking for prayers for my parents, my dad especially. They are retired and struggle to make ends meet. They have struggled in the last few years due to his health problems and bills. He works as a handyman helping the elderly around the neighborhood up until his Mo-Ped MotorScooter was stolen (his only means of travel to get to the people he helps-he also had his bicycle stolen this past summer) Since then he questions the good in others, God's presence in his life and has become depressed. I worry about them. The money they recieved from the handyman work paid for their food and medicine. I just pray that he will see that God will close one door and open another for him.

Posted on Nov 14, 2013 | Prayer Request


Kelli said on Nov 26, 2013 at 9:18am

Try referring their need (monetary or for a new scooter) to one of the local large church organizations that have wish lists for families or people in need. Blackhawk Ministries has one called The Vine and I believe a lot of the other large congregations in town offer similar support programs. they don’t have to be a member. The church posts the need (no names) and a volunteer provides the request. Might be worth a try. A lot of people, esp, this time of year, will give gifts like that in order to celebrate the true meaning of the season. You could even post their need for the scooter on computer want-ad sites and maybe find a used one someone is selling. people sell used medical equipment all the time. Is your Dad a veteran? A lot of medicines can be provided for free or extremely low cost to veterans and their families. Just a thought. Praying for your Mom and Dad!

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