Prayers Needed

Prayers are needed for my father. He recently had his only form of transportation stolen (he lives in Ft Wayne & has had multiple heart attacks and medical issues & is retired) He helps out the elderly in his neighborhood as a handyman to pay for his food and anything extra he might need. He has worked Full time his entire life up until getting sick. Since the thief he has become depressed and has been unable to help some of the others that depended on hom because he cannot get there. (His bicycle was stolen as well earlier this summer) Yes is was only a MoPed motor scooter but it was his and all he had and he is now depressed and I worry about him walking in this weather and I don't live close enough to get him. He needs prayers for uplifting & something good to happen for him. Thank you

Posted on Nov 16, 2013 | Prayer Request


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