Praying for salvation of My College classmates Flor Hermosillo, Heidi Gomez,and Oscar

My name is Mark a listener of star who lives in the Los Angeles area

The other week I gave my college classmates cd's of Christian music and letters with testimonies of what is going on in my life. I am 31 and just recently decided to go back to college for a business management associates degree at the local community college. I had to add all my classes and easilly added them because God moved me into Valley college for a reason. Anyways I gave the CD to Flor who i had never really talked to before. She is in my basketball class and is an expert i am an average player so i play on the other side. So she instantly asked where my church was and we talked and I talked to her friend to Heidi. Then at lunch out of the blue I run into Heidi and invited her to church and she instantly said yes. My pastor is an NBA coach they don't really remember him but I know they would enjoy going, Then i made a tactical error I asked her if Flor was seeing anyone and her boyfriend was at the lunch table so i just played it off as oh i was just joking and they were cool. So on Tuesday I asked her if she listened to the CD and she said oh i'm a atheist. I said to her no wonder why I gave you that cd. Anyways that confirmed that I am still called to witness to her. I'm going to give her and her friend bibles and Warriors T shirts because my pastor is Mark Jackson former Pacer and coach of the Warriors then her boyfriend oscar who is in our class is a Bulls fan like I am so i am going to give him my most prized possession a rare 2003-2004 season scottie pippen jersey and I am going to give him a bible and write an inscription in it and invite them to church again. I know that these three will come to church because of me witnessing to them and they will see in me the joy and want to come to church. So pray for the salvation of these three and the many students who I will witness to at Valley College and invite to church. I am called to witness and bring people into church and through doing this it brings me pure joy and I know i will get amazing results in my classes. I am strenghened too by going to church twice a week reading the word and living the life God has called me to live. Pray for these individuals that I am giving the bibles and shirts to this coming week and the many others i witness to.

Posted on Nov 13, 2011 | Prayer Request


Nicole said on Nov 29, 2011 at 9:35am

I will pray for you and those you are called to witness to. God often puts us in the place He wants us to be so we may be a light to others around Him. God bless you as you continue to spread His word.

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