Restore my Marriage and Family Lord

I have been standing for 3 years and I know god wants me to stand. I have seen his signs and heard his voice, but it still hurts to have 3 of my children not talk to me during some of these periods. I made a vow and I know I should keep it. This is not what is normal in the world at this time and I do not fault others for their choices. I just know that when I look at the ability of GOD to LOVE me without condition during the young years of my life when I would not turn to him for answers or help in my decisions. I know that is the LOVE my WIFE needs to see and along with my family. We had been together for 18 years and I will stand for the rebuilding of my Marriage and Family for the rest of my LIFE. Please pray for my WIFE's heart to be softened towards our restoration and my children to understand How much I LOVE them all. I know that I did not show the love I have for them in the way that they needed to see it, I just have faith GOD will allow me this chance to RESTORE my MARRIAGE and FAMILY. LOVE to you and ALL the people  who pray for others, we all have problems I know, but like you when I read the other requests here  I say to myself there are others who are having harder trials then I, so I should pray for them first. I thank all who read this and feel my prayer is worthy of taking before GOD by you for me. Know that I am taking yours before GOD for you. GOD BLESS YOU -Rick

Posted on Apr 24, 2013 | Prayer Request


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