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I have had this struggle of finding a career for the past two years when I graduated from Huntington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Ministry. Most of the jobs I get are temporary or just enough to meet my finanaical responisbilities. I would love to have a job that allows me to spend time with my future wife (getting married in June 2014) at night and work five days a week. However, I am always discouraged when I can't find a job within a month. I have awesome skills and abilities for a lot of great careers out there. I have a passion on helping others, traveling (like on the travel channel), and data entry just to name a few of my top picks. I ask that you pray for strength and guidance and if anyone has any job leads that fits data entry and/or an assistant for any position, please pass along to my e-mail -


Thank you and God Bless,


Posted on Jan 7, 2014 | Prayer Request


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